We are dedicated to lottery players.

Shoutz is a technology company dedicated to making lotteries more convenient, engaging and rewarding. Our platform, LotteryHUB, is an official mobile app of Powerball and Mega Millions. It is the mobile service providing players with:

  • Powerball and Megamillions jackpot alerts

  • Ticket tracking tools where players can easily enter and track lottery tickets and receive automatic notifications on players’ phones of matching numbers

  • Stay on top of the latest Powerball and Mega Millions updates and news

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We mobilize lotteries.

Shoutz is mobilizing lotteries with its state-of-the-art mobile engagement and monetization platform. The Shoutz platform provides lotteries with a turn key solution that can not only drive engagement and revenue but also reduce costs.

  • Hosted application with best-in-class features and functionality, along with a dashboard of analytics on all activity

  • Easy to implement content management system to provide up-to-the minute content to lottery players on their devices

  • Digital and online training, content and insights to create and execute a mobile marketing strategy

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We serve an attractive audience.

Shoutz provides advertisers with unique programs to address an attractive demographic on a national scale.

  • Over 120 million unique consumers play the lottery each month in the U.S. and we provide a unique and rich way to engage with this audience, including video, banner and other engagement advertising units.

  • We work with brands and their agencies to create unique consumer experiences that also provide a valuable return on investment.

  • The Shoutz platform has excellent targeting capabilities to make sure your brand and campaign reaches the right target audience.

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Consumers engage with your brand in an exciting and engaging way.

Shoutz provides your brand with an interactive and mobile way to engage with your consumers.

  • Reward your customers with fun, engaging instant win games and second chance programs

  • Receive social influence with customer sharing through Facebook, Twitter and E-mail

  • Optimize your customer experience by offering interesting and fun ways to influence and reward buyer behavior.

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