Shoutz™ and 7-Eleven™ Announce National Promotion

Promotional campaign in over 7,800 retail locations will drive sales

AUSTIN, Texas (March 11, 2015). Shoutz, Inc. and 7-Eleven, Inc., today announced the launch of a joint, national campaign offering buy-one-get-one-free coupons for Arriba Horchata energy drinks, redeemable in more than 7,800 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Approximately 62% of the 120 million Americans who play the lottery each month purchase their tickets from convenience stores, on average spending 65% more per visit than non-lottery customers.

Together, Shoutz and 7-Eleven reach a significant segment of lottery players.  7-Eleven stores make up the largest network of lottery retailers in the nation and Shoutz provides marketing services for the Multi-state Lottery Association through their LotteryHUB mobile app, an official app of Powerball and Mega Millions.

The partners’ promotional campaign will offer buy-one-get-one-free coupons for Arriba energy drinks, a product that 7-Eleven helped launch through an exclusive sales agreement with Arriba creator L.A. Libations, in 2014.

Coupons will be available in a dedicated “7-Eleven Offers” section of LotteryHUB through May 5.  Shoutz will use mobile engagement and other marketing strategies to inform current LotteryHUB users of the promotion and to drive traffic to 7-Eleven locations

Using point-of-sale and other in-store marketing materials, 7-Eleven will encourage customers to download the LotteryHUB app and redeem Arriba coupons.

“Having delivered more than 40 million messages and hosted more than 5 million video views, LotteryHUB is the “go-to” app for lottery players and we are excited to partner with the largest convenience store operator in the world to add even more value to their stop at 7-Eleven,” said Shoutz Chief Operating Officer, Frank Rash.

About LotteryHUB

LotteryHUB is an official mobile application of Powerball and Mega Millions. It offers a convenient, engaging and rewarding mobile experience for lottery players and includes video and news content, jackpot and drawing information, and a loyalty rewards program. Players can also use the app to save their tickets, either by entering numbers manually or scanning tickets with a smartphone camera. LotteryHUB has twice been named the Best Mobile App by the American Gaming Association (AGA) and has won AGA Awards in the Best Direct Digital Marketing and Best Mobile Marketing categories. LotteryHUB is available to download for free on the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.

About Shoutz

Shoutz, Inc. is an award-winning marketing, technology and gaming company that brings together the rewarding and fun experiences of mobile gaming with consumer engagement and loyalty programs within the retail, media and entertainment industries. With its innovative use of digital media, Shoutz gives lotteries the power to better engage their players, accurately measure their marketing efforts, and optimize their fundraising abilities. Shoutz is dedicated to driving brand engagement through digital, social and gaming programs on mobile. With offices in Austin, Texas and Leawood, Kansas, Shoutz is a member of the World Lottery Association. For more information visit