Shoutz® to Enter China Market with Partner China Netcom

Shoutz’ Grand Rewards platform will drive engagement, lottery ticket sales

AUSTIN, Texas (May 27, 2015). Shoutz, Inc. and China Netcom Technology Holdings Limited signed an agreement today to implement Shoutz’s Grand Rewards loyalty and second-chance platform and launch a video lottery program in two Chinese provinces.

The Grand Rewards platform is an end-to-end solution for lotteries that can increase customer engagement, drive ticket sales and encourage brand loyalty.  Shoutz and China Netcom Technology plan an initial release of Grand Rewards for Hainan Sports Lottery and Chonqing Welfare Lottery players.

The Grand Rewards platform maximizes customer engagement by offering players several chances to win loyalty rewards.  Advertisers and corporate sponsors will provide small prizes and coupons for instant-win games within Grand Rewards, as well as more valuable prizes that players can win in regular second-chance drawings.

In addition to the Grand Rewards platform, Shoutz will work with China Netcom Technology to launch its proprietary T3 Video Lottery Terminals in select areas.  Future plans also include launching a lottery television game show.

"Shoutz is very excited to be partnering with China Netcom Technology Holding Company to bring our Grand Rewards second-chance platform, our T3 Video Lottery Terminal, and a televised lottery game show to China. China Netcom is an impressive company with a great management team.  Together, our companies are going to grow a large business in the China market,” said Jim Mueller, founder and CEO of Shoutz, Inc.

“Grand Rewards will add significant experiential value for lottery players in the PRC.  We believe that cooperating with Shoutz is not only in line with the development strategy of the Group, but also adds new elements and opportunities for the Group to develop its lottery business in the PRC”, said  Lin Zhi Wei, Chief Technology Officer of China Netcom Technology Holdings Limited.

About Shoutz

Shoutz, Inc. is an award-winning marketing, technology and gaming company that brings together the rewarding and fun experiences of mobile gaming with consumer engagement and loyalty programs within the retail, media and entertainment industries. With its innovative use of digital media, Shoutz gives lotteries the power to better engage their players, accurately measure their marketing efforts, and optimize their fundraising abilities. Shoutz is dedicated to driving brand engagement through digital, social and gaming programs on mobile. With offices in Austin, Texas and Leawood, Kansas, Shoutz is a member of the World Lottery Association.

About China Netcom Technology Holdings Limited

China Netcom Technology Holdings Limited is principally engaged in the trading of computer hardware and software, the provision of lottery system management service and operation of lottery sales halls services in the PRC. The Group operates and manages the sales hall of a quick-result lottery game of China Welfare Lottery “Happy 12” in Liaoning and co-operates the DTV lottery sales system with Chongqing Welfare Lottery Issuing Centre and Chongqing Broadcasting Bureau in Chongqing. Besides, the group is also the terminal equipment provider for the Hainan Sports Entertainment electronic VLT instant lottery project in the PRC. China Netcom Technology Holdings Limited is a company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, with the stock code 8071.