Shoutz is a gaming, marketing and technology company with a fairly singular focus…we use our mobile app and digital media products and services to drive brand engagement and revenues for lotteries.

Grounded in the latest technology and marketing strategies, Shoutz provides full technical, mobile marketing & promotions, data management and game design support for all products, including application of our GLI certified Random Number Generator (“RNG”).

Our technical service staff is on their toes 24/7/365…because you never know when that next billion-dollar jackpot is going to appear!

Shoutz is a proud shareholder of PlayPort Gaming Systems.

Shoutz is a proud shareholder of Gamerail Entertainment, LLC.

LotteryHUB™ offers a convenient, engaging and rewarding mobile experience for lottery players and includes video and news content, jackpot and drawing information, and a loyalty rewards program; players can also use the app to save their tickets. LotteryHUB has twice been named the Best Mobile App by the American Gaming Association. It is available to download for free in the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Our LotteryHUB app has been downloaded by over 2.0 million lottery players, delivered over 400 live Powerball and Mega Million drawing broadcasts, provides winning number results for 1,500 live state lottery drawings each week and served up hundreds of millions of advertising impressions.

LotteryHUB Games™ is a comprehensive, free-to-play Social Lottery mobile application, created to appeal to the 120 million adults that play U.S. lotteries. LotteryHUB Games features games of chance, including the Pitbull Arcade™, from world-renowned recording artist Pitbull, and more than 50 lottery favorite social games such as slots, cards, bingo and instant win, in both English and Spanish. LotteryHUB Games is free to download from Apple and Google Play.

A “Social Lottery” is a collection of free-to-play interactive game themes, ranging from traditional lottery games like instant win, keno and bingo, to casino-based games, such as slots and card games, enjoyed by lottery players for social purposes like having fun, killing time or testing their luck. A Social Lottery builds on the traditional lotteries practice of offering lottery players a broad range of play styles and game themes to keep their players entertained and engaged.

Powercode™.  Shoutz successfully engages lottery players with the opportunity to play Powercode for chances to win a variety of exciting prizes from well-known national sponsors.

Players who enter the correct “Powercode” number (an identifiable number from a popular lottery game, e.g. last pick 4 number) during the promotion, are eligible to play an Instant Win game for a chance to win gift cards from national retailers; Players are also automatically entered into sweepstakes for a chance to win a series of grand prizes.

Powercode averages over 25,000 daily entries and boasts a 60% return rate of players from previous weeks…and over 75% of players play Powercode from their mobile device!

Royal Fortunes™ is the international gaming and operations division of Shoutz, Inc. Royal Fortunes offers lottery and other games of chance to players, via internet and mobile devices.